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Company Introduction

Something innovative ? Something brand-new ?
We`ll make it.
REGEN-I Co.,Ltd is concentrating on 2 businesses in the Post-Corona virus Era
First, we manufacture equipment, tools and jigs to improve efficiency in manufacturing of electronic devices and repair processes.
Second, we produce devices and supplies to sterilize things against viruses and bacteria in daily life.
We run our own research laboratory to create brand-new and innovative products, Having obtained more than 40 intellectual properties through continuous technical innovation and business experiences for 20 years since foundation.
The most important thing is Reliability. We will always do our best for contentment and reliability of our partners and customers all over the world.



MISSIONREGENI MISSION- Ultimate goal and reason for REGENI should exist.

i. To provide satisfaction to customers by creating brand-new value as required.

VISION by year 2025What REGENI try to achieve and step forward for

i. To secure 30 distributors of each business more than USD 1 million in BRICs and emerging economically develolping countries, ii. Stable management of domestic production facilities of 5000 square meters.


Core Value – Important Value and Code of Conduct by REGEN-I i. INNOVATION CONTINUES

Company Information

  • Company Name

    Regen-i Co., Ltd.

  • Tools & Equipments For Electronic

    BK-200S, BK350S, BK-I450 etc BGA Rework System (Hot Air or Hot air+ IR preheater)
    /RG250, RG271 Smartphone back cover disassembly Jig /
    /RG261 Smartphone Assembly System /
    /RG202 Mobile Dryer /
    / Anti ESD tool (Table Mat RG450, RG400, & Disassembly tool RG513, RG513E)
    RG610/611 Reballing tool
    Other new development for mass production

  • Anti Virus Products

    *RG2100 UV Sterilization storage box,
    *RG2000 UV & Anion Sterilization storage box,
    *VX400 Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser
    *Hand Sanitizer, Object sterilizer
    *Air Purifier

  • How to purchase REGENI products

    * Through Email ( to check PAYPAL Invoice for payment
    * Ebay, Amazon by keyword REGENI+Model number
    -> Please stand by for shopping mall
    -> (Bestkorea) for Korean sales

  • Headquarter

    #1202,#1203 Ace Gasan Tower,121, Digital-Ro, Geumcheon-Gu, Seoul, South Korea


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