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Writer regenipage
Date of Write 2020-02-04
REGEN-I Reballing tool Series

1. Changeable Stencil type Reballing tool RG-610/611
1-1.Main difference:
RG-610: target chip size -->7x7mm~32x32mm
RG-611: target chip size -->18x18mm~45x45mm

1-2. Main feature of RG-610/611 :
(1) Include a frame to adjust burial height of solder ball
(2) In case of our production of customized stencil,
   under our patented stencil production skill,
   stencil can effectively penetrate more solder balls

1-3. Suitcase is for storage of Reballing tool to prevent
      contamination by keeping tool in suitcase.
    *Cleaning by cotton swab and alcohol is import for maintenance.
    Solder balls, paste, or flux is basically not included in the set.
    Buyer should ask us to buy accessories together or not.

1-4. Customer cooperation: To produce customized stencil,
     we require actual chip or exact chip specification data
     because drawing CAD file is required to make stencil.

2. Fixed Stencil type Reballing tool RG-612 

2-1.We require actual chip from customer to produce customized
     RG-612 is produced to fix stencil permanently on body frame  
     thus user cannot remove stencil.

RG-612 Manipulation movie Link:

*General information:

To recycle Expensive CPU removed from PCB,
after dressing PCB pad with soldering iron and solder wick,
cotton swab with alcohol,

in case of small chip, you must require additional Microscope
(not included in set) to check reballed status.

Also to temporarily fix solder balls, you will require HOT PLATE
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